Away from the slopes and paths

QC Terme Dolomiti

In Pozza di Fassa - with a surface area of 4,300 m2 - is the QC Terme Dolomite spa, which uses water from the Alloch natural spring, the only sulphur spring in Trentino.


The Dòlaondes swimming pool in Canazei stretches over a surface area of 2,400 m2, with a panoramic view of the summits of Gran Vernel and Colac.

Ice rink

In Alba di Canazei, the covered ice rink “Gianmarino Scola” offers, both in the winter and the summer, the opportunity to have fun on the ice. Also, this is the home ground of the Fassa Falcons, who compete in the Alps Hockey League Championship.

1914-1918 “La Gran Vera” - The Great War: Galizia, Dolomites

At the Centro Nalvage di Moena, the “La Gran Vera exhibition tells the story of the First World War in Galizia and on the Dolomite front. Among its sections, scenographic dioramas, themed windows, educational panels, photos from the era and enlarged photos alternate, to remember not only the events of the war, but also their impact on the local people.

Dolomites Geological Museum

In Predazzo, the Dolomites Geological Museum allows visitors to get to know the history of these majestic mountains. Their geological collections are part of a collection of over 11,000 specimens, among which is the richest collection of invertebrate fossils from mid-Triassic cliffs stored in Italy.

Val di Fassa Ladin Museum

With the objective of promoting the language and culture of the ancient people of the Dolomites, the Ladin Cultural Institute of Vigo di Fassa exhibits their own collection of alpine ethnography at the Ladin Museum of Fassa (San Giovanni - Vigo di Fassa)

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